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Reasons why you feel struggling with your steering wheel

By, 2021-07-09


The steering wheel is one of the most important parts of the car control system. With the steering wheel you can keep control on tires and control the car the way you want. Due to its importance, any broke or problem in the steering wheel while driving may cause accidents on the road.


The steering wheel may have major problems, which many people do not know. The heavy steering wheel is one of the most common problems among motorists. There are many reasons and factors that lead to the problem of a heavy wheel, which many are unaware of. To know about these problems and how to fix them, first identify the steering system in the vehicle and its components.


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What is the steering system in the car?


The steering wheel operates through the in-car steering system. The system consists of a hydraulic cylinder that has a transmission assembly and takes a right or left movement path with hydraulic force.


The steering system directly connects to the steering wheel to facilitate control. This is in addition to having a sensor to measure and track the speed of the vehicle while driving. The car control system can control the amount of oil in the hydraulic cylinder in a way suites the speed of the vehicle.


The steering system also includes a cooling unit that reduces the oil temperature in the hydraulic system. The oil tank also contains a filter to maintain the purity of the oil heading to the hydraulic cylinder.


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What causes a heavy steering wheel?


There are many reasons for a heavy steering wheel in the car, including:


1- The oil level is less than the minimum levels


The lack of oil level in the steering system inside the car is one of the reasons for a heavy steering wheel. Lack of oil level leads to many problems in the steering system in general so we recommend you to check the oil level from time to time.


2- There is a leak in the oil


If there is a leak in the oil, a full inspection of the vehicle is required to determine the location of the leak and to identify the causes of the leak. The leak may be due to damage to the steering wheel or damage to a part of the steering wheel.


3. Problems in the steering wheel case


The oil shortage may be due to a damage to the steering wheel or damage to other steering wheel parts. All this leads to a heavy steering wheel while driving


How can I fix a heavy steering wheel in the car?


The first step in repairing a heavy steering wheel is to find out the causes of the problem. To maintain a problem-free routing system, follow these tips:


1- Monitor the oil level in the steering wheel case regularly.

2- Make sure to add clean oil that does not contain impurities.

3- Do not leave the oil percentage below the required level for a long time, because it will lead to greater problems in the system.


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