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Unbelievable! Do you know the meanings of car logos & names?

By, 2018-05-15



Names are a large and wide world with many meanings. Our awareness of the things around us occurs first by identifying the name of the object. In many cases, some names raise curiosity in us so that we can know the meaning of the name that would reflect many things within us.


As for the car's world, names distinguish also the companies from each other. In this context, the name of the company is important to build its brand in the head of people.


It is worth mentioning here that the company gives also sub names for each new model to express in one way or another the car's features.



Are you eagerly waiting for knowing the meanings of the meanings of car logos and names?


1. Volkswagen:


Volkswagen means the people's car. Hitler ordered to manufacture cheap cars that people can buy at the time, so Volkswagen was the result.



2. Mitsubishi:


Mitsubishi means the three diamonds, but why?


The company was manufacturing ships, but then it has started to make cars using the three diamonds to symbolize the ship's fan. The name also means a water plant.



3. Ford:


Ford is the name of Sir Henry Ford, who made the car and used the old logo of his assistant who printed the cards to collect money. After a while the blue was added to the logo.



4. BMW:


The BMW logo is the fan of the aircraft, and the name is a short for "Bayerische Motoren Werke", which means "Bavarian Motor Company".


During the World War II, the company manufactured engines for German military aircraft.



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5. Toyota:


The word Toyota is divided into two parts, the first "Toyo", which means "lot of" and the second "ta" means rice.

The company's logo is three oval shapes that express the customer's heart, product heart and continuous technological development



6. Kia:


Kia means coming out of Asia!



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7. Chevrolet:


The car was named after its founder, Louis Chevrolet, who inspired the company's logo from a painting that hung on a Paris hotel.



8. Ferrari:


The name of the company is due to its founder Enzo Ferrari, and the logo is a horse, which is the logo of the Italian pilot Francisco Braca, who participated in the First World War.



9. Lamborghini:


Lamborghini's logo is a Bull! The reason for this is Lamborghini's love of watching bullfighting and his passion for bullfighting has extended to the names of the other cars produced by the company, often associated with bulls.



10. Skoda:


Skoda is the name of the businessman Emile Skoda, who bought the company from its owner Valdstein. The logo may be thought by some as a green turkey, but in fact it is a two-winged arrow.



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11. Nissan:


Nissan is a Japanese company founded in 1932 and formerly known as Nippon Siengyu, which means "Japanese industries". Since the name is long, the company decided to shorten the name to become Nissan.


According to the logo, it is a ring having rectangular shape containing the name of the company.


These are some of the meanings of car logos and names, what is the meaning that you like more?


If you know the meanings of other car logos and names, you can tell us through comments.



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