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What you should know about the car lease to own system in Qatar

By, 2023-08-04

lease to own in Qatar


Instead of buying a car or renting it for a short period, there is a system that combines the two ideas, it is the lease to own system. This system attracts the attention of many people because of the advantages it offers, such as obtaining a car without down payment or fees.


But before entering into this big commitment, you have to know more about this system, and what you should pay attention to before signing the contract.


First, what is car lease to own system?


The car lease to own system, or what is sometimes called car rental with the promise of ownership, is a financing system in which the licensed parties purchase your car and then lease it to you in exchange for monthly rental payments. At the end of the contract and after paying all its payments, the entity transfers the ownership of the car to you.


Important things you should know about the car lease to own in Qatar


1 - It must include a table showing the dates and value of the payment installments. Usually, buyers do not notice that there is a separation between the payment installments of the rental value and the value of the car, but rather they look at the total value of the installment only.


2 - It must include the possibility of terminating the contract during the rental period, whereby the lessee has the right to recover the car value that he paid, and the lessor has the insurance compensation.


3 - The existence of early repayment conditions, which include compensation for the lessor, such as: the cost of reinvestment, not exceeding the cost of the term for three months, or what the lessor pays to the third party because of the contract.


4 - taking the car back upon failure to pay, which must not be less than three months notice.


5 - You are not entitled to dispose of the car by selling or renting it, or traveling with it outside the State of Qatar except after paying its full value or obtaining a document from the donor.


6 - You are not allowed to use the car for purposes not agreed upon in the contract, and you cannot make any modification or change to the car except after the lessor’s written approval, and you must inform the lessor of any symptoms that may occur to the car that prevent its use, because you are financially and legally responsible For damages resulting from the use of the vehicle.


7 - You are responsible for bearing the costs of operational maintenance. As for basic maintenance "as a result of a defect or defect", the lessor shall bear it, unless otherwise agreed upon.


Lease to own in Qatar


The Chery Car Dealership is distinguished by the lease-to-own system, which is available on all Chery cars, with a convenient monthly payment for the lessee.


You can now get one of the distinguished Chery cars with a lease agreement that ends with ownership from the exclusive agent for Chery cars in Qatar, which is Elite Motors Company. Here is a table showing different cars and the montly installments:


ايجار حتى التملك قطر


You will get the following benefits with the lease to own contract:


  1. Free full insurance.
  2. Free service. Free regestration.
  3. Free on-road assistance
  4. 5 years warranty


As for the documents required upon application, they are:

  1.  Salary Certificate
  2.  Bank Statement
  3.  Credit Bureau
  4.  QID & Driving License Copy
  5.  Passport Copy
  6.  Cheques
  7.  500QR open file


For more information, you can call Chery Agent in Qatar on the numbers: 50203395-30267588 - 77039936 - 70484708


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