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Buying a Used car

Buying a used car through Q Motor can be the fastest, simplest, and enjoyable process. We show you how to buy the best used or new car in qatar with the minimum hassle.

Find a used car

The team of Q Motor recommend the following steps for you:

1. Setting up a budget

Before you think about which car to buy, you’ll need to work out how much you have to spend. You will need to decide on whether you need to take out finance and from where you will take it. If you don’t get finances from your employer to buy a car, banks then will be your only choice.

Most banks in Qatar will offer car loans, usually up to two years, and dealerships will also have loan options, these often include one large down payment followed by three to four monthly instalments. Alternatively, some companies will offer loan schemes that then deduct payments from your monthly salary.

2. Choosing the right car

With more choice than ever, choosing your perfect car can be a bewildering process. Make sure you spend some time working out what you need from your car. Think about:

  • What will the car be used for
  • How long you are planning to keep it for
  • How much will it cost to service and repair the car
  • Are you going to use it off road?
  • The depreciation rate of the car

3. Contacting the seller

Your first contact with a seller can reveal a lot of valuable information about the car, so it’s important you ask the right questions.

  • Ask thorough questions about the car, its past and its condition
  • Arrange to view a private sale at the seller’s house, and a trade sale at their showroom
  • Always view the car in daylight, and preferably when it’s dry to make it easier to spot damage

4. Inspecting a used car

You don’t need to be a mechanic to inspect a used car, but there are a few golden rules.

  • Go for a test drive
  • Make sure all the car’s features work
  • Take the car to a car inspection company. We highly recommend taking your car to more than one company to get a second opinion. You HAVE TO inspect your car prior to purchase. We recommend the following car inspection companies:
    • German Car Inspection Center
    • CARCHEX vehicle Inspection
Q Motor team recommend driving the car for at least 15 minutes prior to purchase. The test drive is your chance to asses every aspect of the car, from how it feels on the road, to making sure all its equipment works correctly. Check the gears, brakes, steering and suspension work as they should, with no unusual noises and vibrations



5. Haggling with sellers and payment

It’s common for buyers to make an offer on the car they would like to buy, so don’t be afraid of haggling on price.

  • Know what the car is worth. You can check similar cars and compare them at Q Motor Trader.
  • If you can’t come to an agreement, remember there are plenty of other cars available at Q Motor Trader

6. Doing the paperwork

All cars in Qatar must be registered with the Ministry of Interior before they can be driven on the road. An application form can be downloaded from the Hukoomi website. It is in Arabic only, and can be filled out in advance or at the registration office as necessary. Non-Arabic speakers can fill in their details at the department and have the form typed up into Arabic for a fee of QR 15.

The form must be taken along with the vehicle to the any branch of the Ministry of Interior's Traffic Department.

The registration process

Items required to complete the registration are:

  • Insurance documents, which must have been obtained before beginning the registration process
  • Qatar ID
  • QR100 registration fee (payable by credit card only)
  • Letter of no objection from the car owner's sponsor
  • Copy of sponsor's ID