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What is the right tire pressure for my car?

By, 2018-09-25


Have you noticed lately that your car does not look right and that there are many strange symptoms that appear on your car! Your car consume more fuel than usual! Have you felt that your car is getting closer to the ground than usual and steering system in the car is a bit slow! It seems that you should check the tire pressure of your car there may be a problem in inflation.


It is important to get and maintain proper air pressure in car tires in order to improve the fuel consumption of the car and save tires from damage for as long as possible. The properly inflated frame provides longer life, faster steering response and smooth road driving better than tires that have a problem with air pressure.


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So make sure that you have the appropriate pressure in your tires periodically to maintain proper tire performance and ensure maximum utilization. It is known that each car contains the appropriate pressure and recommended for the tires of that car and be written on the door of the car often and you must adhere to the level of pressure written there.



What is the right air pressure for my car tires?


The appropriate air pressure for your car is usually inserted on a sticker inside the driver's door and if you can not find it on the door, you can know it through the owner's manual. There are two limits of air pressure for tires: the maximum and the optimum.


The maximum


You can notice "max" on air pressure sticker next to the big letters. 35 PSI is the maximum cold pressure required for your tires to carry the maximum load.


It is called cold pressure because you should fill the tire in cold conditions either in the morning or after being in the shade for a few hours. The maximum tire pressure is usually between 30 and 32 PSI.


What happens if you inflate your tires to a maximum PSI?


  • Changing the tire characteristics and it does not work as desired.
  • Reduces tires lifespan.


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The Optimum Pressure:


You will find optimal tire pressure and the recommended by your car manufacturer on a sticker in the car door, or in the owner's manual. Some models even put stickers on the hood of the car or on the fuel door.


Usually the recommended pressure is between 30 and 35 PSI. This number indicates the minimum air pressure required to support the maximum load capacity of your vehicle.


What is the perfect time to check tire pressure?


There are many times to check the air pressure on:


  • Every time you refill the air inside the tires and each time you fill the car with fuel.
  • The beginning of each season due to temperature changes.
  • Every 30 days or once a month.


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