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What Does EPC Warning Light Mean & How Do You Fix It?

By, 2018-03-03


Have you ever noticed EPC light in your car? If yes, have you understood its meaning and what you should have done in that case? Is it very dangerous? All of these questions and maybe more might cross over your and all drivers' minds, so it's advised to be aware of all electronic signs in your car since they are there for sure for a purpose. Read this article to know this warning light, its meaning and the way of fixing it.


What does EPC light mean?

EPC stands for "Electronic Power Control" and it means the accurate measurement of ignition and operation inside the engine. It  lights up when you turn on the car and sometimes it continues to lit; the risk lies here in which in becomes a warning sign to a defect.


Why does it lit?

If you are shocked  to see EPC lights, do never ignore it because it might refer to the engine failure and there is a problem in in fuel access to the engine either because of fuel runs out or because of a problem hindered the fuel to access to the engine. There is a new technology in modern cars responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, an Injection machine. So, the reason may  be the injection malfunction or some Impurities on it.

In addition, it is possible to have a fault in the joints or the motor cycle and some wires;  you should examine the car immediately in that case. Do not freak, the reason might be very simple requires you to change some connections and fuses.


Is it safe to drive while the EPC lights on?

As abovementioned, it might be a serious dangerous sign or might not. In all cases, you have plenty of time to check and fix your car, yet do not ignore the sign for a long time and fix it as soon as possible. Sometimes EPC turns off especially if the fault caused by impurities.


How to protect your car from EPC warning light?

It is preferred to do follow the good practices to protect your car from EPC warning light and from any defects might occur. One of the most important practices is the use of high quality fuel preferably fuel specified by the manufacturer. Do not forget to check your car regularly to fix any defect from the beginning and before it gets worse and risky.

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