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5 Common Advices you Should Not Follow

By, 2023-06-30


Many car owners tend to believe tips about their cars said by others without thinking about whether this information and advice is true or not and whether it will hurt their cars or not. There are a lot of information and common advices that car owners deal with, but they are completely wrong and causes some damages to their cars.


Car owners should check any information or advice they hear from their relatives and friends. If they do not reach the right information, it is advised to ask an expert mechanic to get what he wants based on the condition of his car, its parts, and many other factors.


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Here are some of these common tips among car users but they are completely wrong and you should avoid:


1. Car air conditioner consumes a lot of fuel:


Some people think that opening of the car air conditioner consumes a lot of fuel and burns more of it, so some drivers close the air conditioner and open the windows of the car on the highways. But in fact this information is false because opening  the windows on the highways and driving at high speed lead to the existence a large thrust of air inside the car, which adversely affects the strength of the engine and the effort it pays. As a result, the engine will consume more fuel in this case.


2. Having a fixed number of kilometers to change oil engine:


Oil engine plays an essential role in maintaining the engine and protecting it from corrosion. Therefore, changing oil engine is necessary in certain cases. However, there is a wrong information that car owners advise each other about changing the oil engine that they must always change it when traveling 4000 to 5000 kilometers Meters, but these figures are certainly not fixed for the different types of oil, its validity, and the type of vehicle. It is recommended to follow the information in the guide manual for each car and the information on the oil engine bottle.


3. Washing the car with any cleaning liquid:


Washing the interior and exterior parts of the car is very important to maintain the car and prolong its life and remove the accumulation of dirt, and dust. Many people do not pay attention to the importance of the use of a special cleaner for cars and use cleaning liquids for dishes or clothes, but these materials are not specially designed for cars and their parts. That would damage the car and increase Of the accumulations and sometimes that might remove some necessary materials on the car.


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4. Brake oil is absolutely unimportant:


Many of the drivers do not pay much attention to the brake oil. They do not check its level, yet  brake oil is very important for maintaining the brakes and it helps it to operate efficiently without any risks to the life of the driver and those with him.


5. Tire pressure:


Drivers should check the level of tire pressure in cars continuously especially before traveling for long distances. The common mistake here is to adopt a certain pressure for all tires of all kinds. In fact, each tire has its own perfect pressure differs from the other.


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