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Buying a New Car
Clearly, there is no perfect way to choose something as complex as a new car. Everybody has a mix of rational and emotional reasons (there is nothing shameful about choosing a car partly for the way it makes you feel) and it is all about getting the right balance between the two. 
Vehicle type
There are two main issues here - how big does it have to be and what body-style is most appropriate? When thinking about vehicle size, think about the most room you will need regularly. If a seven seater MPV is needed once a year, it might be cheaper to buy a smaller car and then hire the MPV when you need it. 
Selecting the body style
  • As a checklist, here are the common body styles:
  • Hatchback: the standard configuration for small cars.
  • Estate: currently growing slightly in popularity - seen increasingly as "lifestyle" vehicles for active people
  • Saloon: the classic body style, but only popular for large saloons 
  • Coupe: getting more popular in Qatar
  • Convertible: The new generation of coupe-cabrio with folding metal roofs have, to some extent, taken over from coupes
  • MPV: Nowadays, they come in a huge array of sizes.
  • Off Road (SUV): The most famous car style in Qatar. 
Fuel Type
More than 95% of Cars in Qatar are petrol engines, so you don’t have to worry much about this.
Your Priorities
Take a look at our road tests and decide what categories are important to you. We break a car down by 
  1. Styling
  2. Handling
  3. Comfort
  4. Quality and Reliability
  5. Performance 
  6. Roominess 
  7. Running costs 
  8. Value for Money
  9. Stereo & Sat Nav 
  10. Environment 
Thinking about which of these are most important to you will help crystallise your thoughts. 
One final tip
If you are dead set on a brand new car in Qatar, then it is important to consider resale value. Before you buy, look at second hand prices to get an idea of what your shiny new car will be worth in a few year’s time – clearly it is better to invest in a car that will hold its value relatively well over time.
Good Luck!!